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“There is a global struggle taking place. Nothing less than the future of the planet is at stake…”

The status quo has failed. The top one percent of the population now controls half the world’s wealth, while the majority of workers remain trapped between poverty and precarity. Where globalization promised prosperity and peace, it has delivered financial crisis and endless war, instead. All the while, the climate has moved closer to destruction, wiping out 60 percent of all animals in the last half-century alone.

Out of this crisis, a global axis of authoritarianism is rising. These leaders promise to restore national pride by ‘cleansing’ their countries of foreigners, a free press, and democracy itself — a chilling echo of the 1930s. But they betray the people they vowed to protect, serving only their own financial interests, and those of their fellow oligarchs.

These leaders do not stand alone: they are nodes of a Nationalist International — a network of right-wing parties that share contacts, tactics, and funders. And around the world — from Bavaria to Brazil — they are gaining power.

The time has come to form our own common front in the fight for global justice: a grassroots movement that mobilizes workers and families all around the world behind a shared vision of democracy, prosperity, sustainability, and solidarity.

This movement will reclaim our communities, our cities, our countries, and our planet with a bold new policy agenda that we will fight, together, to deliver.

We will not settle for cheap talk. We will not waste time with petty partisanship. And we will not hang our hopes on political personalities.

We will reach out to communities in every corner of the world to help build our shared program and to mobilize to make it a reality.

In every country, there are people who are fighting to end inequality, exploitation, and environmental degradation. But we are so much stronger together. It is time for progressives of the world to unite.

Join us.